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Bruce Bochy

Bruce Douglas Bochy
Born: April 16, 1955
Landes de Bussac, No France
Coaching Career: 1995-2019

Bruce Bochy compiled a record of 2002 wins and 2028 losses in his coaching career with the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. He began coaching during the 1995 season and last coached during the 2019 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1995NLSan Diego Padres1447074.4863
1996NLSan Diego Padres1629171.5621
1997NLSan Diego Padres1627686.4694
1998NLSan Diego Padres1629864.6051
1999NLSan Diego Padres1627488.4574
2000NLSan Diego Padres1627686.4695
2001NLSan Diego Padres1627983.4884
2002NLSan Diego Padres1626696.4075
2003NLSan Diego Padres1626498.3955
2004NLSan Diego Padres1628775.5373
2005NLSan Diego Padres1628280.5061
2006NLSan Diego Padres1628874.5431
2007NLSan Francisco Giants1627191.4385
2008NLSan Francisco Giants1627290.4444
2009NLSan Francisco Giants1628874.5433
2010NLSan Francisco Giants1629270.5681
2011NLSan Francisco Giants1628676.5312
2012NLSan Francisco Giants1629468.5801
2013NLSan Francisco Giants1627686.4693
2014NLSan Francisco Giants1628874.5432
2015NLSan Francisco Giants1628478.5192
2016NLSan Francisco Giants1628775.5372
2017NLSan Francisco Giants1606397.3945
2018NLSan Francisco Giants1627389.4514
2019NLSan Francisco Giants1627785.4753
Totals25 seasons403020022028.4973.0


1996 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1996 - TSN Manager of the Year
1998 - TSN Manager of the Year