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Tom Kelly

Jay Thomas Kelly
Born: August 15, 1950
Graceville, MN USA
Coaching Career: 1986-2001

Tom Kelly compiled a record of 1140 wins and 1244 losses in his coaching career with the Minnesota Twins. He began coaching during the 1986 season and last coached during the 2001 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1986ALMinnesota Twins231211.5226
1987ALMinnesota Twins1628577.5251
1988ALMinnesota Twins1629171.5622
1989ALMinnesota Twins1628082.4945
1990ALMinnesota Twins1627488.4577
1991ALMinnesota Twins1629567.5861
1992ALMinnesota Twins1629072.5562
1993ALMinnesota Twins1627191.4386
1994ALMinnesota Twins1135360.4694
1995ALMinnesota Twins1445688.3895
1996ALMinnesota Twins1627884.4814
1997ALMinnesota Twins1626894.4204
1998ALMinnesota Twins1627092.4324
1999ALMinnesota Twins1626397.3895
2000ALMinnesota Twins1626993.4265
2001ALMinnesota Twins1628577.5252
Totals16 seasons238611401244.4783.9


1991 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1991 - TSN Manager of the Year