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Tony LaRussa

Anthony LaRussa
Born: October 4, 1944
Tampa, FL USA
Coaching Career: 1979-2011
Elected to baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.

Tony LaRussa compiled a record of 2728 wins and 2365 losses in his coaching career with the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals. He began coaching during the 1979 season and last coached during the 2011 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1979ALChicago White Sox542727.5005
1980ALChicago White Sox1627090.4325
1981ALChicago White Sox1065452.5093
1982ALChicago White Sox1628775.5373
1983ALChicago White Sox1629963.6111
1984ALChicago White Sox1627488.4575
1985ALChicago White Sox1638577.5213
1986ALOakland Athletics794534.5703
1986ALChicago White Sox642638.4065
1987ALOakland Athletics1628181.5003
1988ALOakland Athletics16210458.6421
1989ALOakland Athletics1629963.6111
1990ALOakland Athletics16210359.6361
1991ALOakland Athletics1628478.5194
1992ALOakland Athletics1629666.5931
1993ALOakland Athletics1626894.4207
1994ALOakland Athletics1145163.4472
1995ALOakland Athletics1446777.4654
1996NLSt. Louis Cardinals1628874.5431
1997NLSt. Louis Cardinals1627389.4514
1998NLSt. Louis Cardinals1628379.5123
1999NLSt. Louis Cardinals1617586.4664
2000NLSt. Louis Cardinals1629567.5861
2001NLSt. Louis Cardinals1629369.5742
2002NLSt. Louis Cardinals1629765.5991
2003NLSt. Louis Cardinals1628577.5253
2004NLSt. Louis Cardinals16210557.6481
2005NLSt. Louis Cardinals16210062.6171
2006NLSt. Louis Cardinals1618378.5161
2007NLSt. Louis Cardinals1627884.4813
2008NLSt. Louis Cardinals1628676.5314
2009NLSt. Louis Cardinals1629171.5621
2010NLSt. Louis Cardinals1628676.5312
2011NLSt. Louis Cardinals1629072.5562
Totals34 seasons509627282365.5352.7


1983 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1983 - TSN Manager of the Year
1988 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1988 - TSN Manager of the Year
1992 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1992 - TSN Manager of the Year
2002 - BBWAA Manager of the Year