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Tom Lasorda

Thomas Charles Lasorda
Born: September 22, 1927
Norristown, PA USA
Coaching Career: 1976-1996
Elected to baseball Hall of Fame in 1997.

Tom Lasorda compiled a record of 1599 wins and 1439 losses in his coaching career with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He began coaching during the 1976 season and last coached during the 1996 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1976NLLos Angeles Dodgers422.5002
1977NLLos Angeles Dodgers1629864.6051
1978NLLos Angeles Dodgers1629567.5861
1979NLLos Angeles Dodgers1627983.4883
1980NLLos Angeles Dodgers1639271.5642
1981NLLos Angeles Dodgers1106347.5731
1982NLLos Angeles Dodgers1628874.5432
1983NLLos Angeles Dodgers1639171.5581
1984NLLos Angeles Dodgers1627983.4884
1985NLLos Angeles Dodgers1629567.5861
1986NLLos Angeles Dodgers1627389.4515
1987NLLos Angeles Dodgers1627389.4514
1988NLLos Angeles Dodgers1629467.5801
1989NLLos Angeles Dodgers1607783.4814
1990NLLos Angeles Dodgers1628676.5312
1991NLLos Angeles Dodgers1629369.5742
1992NLLos Angeles Dodgers1626399.3896
1993NLLos Angeles Dodgers1628181.5004
1994NLLos Angeles Dodgers1155856.5041
1995NLLos Angeles Dodgers1447866.5421
1996NLLos Angeles Dodgers764135.5392
Totals21 seasons304115991439.5262.4


1983 - BBWAA Manager of the Year
1988 - BBWAA Manager of the Year