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Ned Yost

Edgar Frederick Yost
Born: August 19, 1954
Eureka, CA USA
Coaching Career: 2003-2019

Ned Yost compiled a record of 1203 wins and 1341 losses in his coaching career with the Milwaukee Brewers and Kansas City Royals. He began coaching during the 2003 season and last coached during the 2019 campaign.

Coaching Record:

2003NLMilwaukee Brewers1626894.4206
2004NLMilwaukee Brewers1616794.4166
2005NLMilwaukee Brewers1628181.5003
2006NLMilwaukee Brewers1627587.4634
2007NLMilwaukee Brewers1628379.5122
2008NLMilwaukee Brewers1508367.5532
2010ALKansas City Royals1275572.4335
2011ALKansas City Royals1627191.4384
2012ALKansas City Royals1627290.4440
2013ALKansas City Royals1628676.5313
2014ALKansas City Royals1628973.5492
2015ALKansas City Royals1629567.5861
2016ALKansas City Royals1628181.5003
2017ALKansas City Royals1628082.4943
2018ALKansas City Royals16258104.3585
2019ALKansas City Royals16259103.3644
Totals16 seasons254412031341.4733.3