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Coach: Danny White (12-2)


The of the ended the season with a record of wins and losses, Danny White coached the team.

Regular Season Points For: 727
Regular Season Points Against: 592

April 15, 2000Iowa Barnstormers 48 at Arizona Rattlers 56W1-0-00-0-01-0-0
April 21, 2000Arizona Rattlers 48 at New Jersey Red Dogs 41W1-0-01-0-02-0-0
April 29, 2000Arizona Rattlers 51 at San Jose SaberCats 42W1-0-02-0-03-0-0
May 6, 2000Nashville Kats 66 at Arizona Rattlers 46L1-1-02-0-03-1-0
May 11, 2000Los Angeles Avengers 28 at Arizona Rattlers 55W2-1-02-0-04-1-0
May 20, 2000Arizona Rattlers 59 at Albany Firebirds 35W2-1-03-0-05-1-0
May 27, 2000Milwaukee Mustangs 49 at Arizona Rattlers 64W3-1-03-0-06-1-0
June 1, 2000San Jose SaberCats 55 at Arizona Rattlers 34L3-2-03-0-06-2-0
June 10, 2000Arizona Rattlers 54 at Los Angeles Avengers 51W3-2-04-0-07-2-0
June 15, 2000Oklahoma Wranglers 28 at Arizona Rattlers 42W4-2-04-0-08-2-0
July 3, 2000Arizona Rattlers 56 at Oklahoma Wranglers 29W4-2-05-0-09-2-0
July 8, 2000Carolina Cobras 42 at Arizona Rattlers 44W5-2-05-0-010-2-0
July 13, 2000Arizona Rattlers 60 at New England Sea Wolves 28W5-2-06-0-011-2-0
July 22, 2000Arizona Rattlers 58 at Iowa Barnstormers 50W5-2-07-0-012-2-0
July 27, 2000Buffalo Destroyers 34 at Arizona Rattlers 41W1-0-00-0-01-0-0 Playoff
August 5, 2000Arizona Rattlers 53 at Albany Firebirds 50W1-0-01-0-02-0-0 Playoff
August 13, 2000Arizona Rattlers 44 at Orlando Predators 56L1-0-01-1-02-1-0 Playoff