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Coach: Walt Kiesling (2-7-2)


The of the ended the season with a record of wins and losses, Walt Kiesling coached the team.

Regular Season Points For: 60
Regular Season Points Against: 178

September 8, 1940Chicago Cardinals 7 at Pittsburgh Steelers 7T0-0-10-0-00-0-1
September 15, 1940New York Giants 10 at Pittsburgh Steelers 10T0-0-20-0-00-0-2
September 22, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 10 at Detroit Lions 7W0-0-21-0-01-0-2
September 29, 1940Brooklyn Dodgers 10 at Pittsburgh Steelers 3L0-1-21-0-01-1-2
October 6, 1940Washington Redskins 40 at Pittsburgh Steelers 10L0-2-21-0-01-2-2
October 13, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 0 at Brooklyn Dodgers 21L0-2-21-1-01-3-2
October 20, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 0 at New York Giants 12L0-2-21-2-01-4-2
October 27, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 3 at Green Bay Packers 24L0-2-21-3-01-5-2 Milwaukee
November 3, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 10 at Washington Redskins 37L0-2-21-4-01-6-2
November 10, 1940Philadelphia Eagles 3 at Pittsburgh Steelers 7W1-2-21-4-02-6-2
November 28, 1940Pittsburgh Steelers 0 at Philadelphia Eagles 7L1-2-21-5-02-7-2