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George Brancato

George Brancato
Born: May 27, 1931
Brooklyn, NY USA
Coaching Career: 1974-1989

George Brancato compiled a record of 83 wins and 93 losses with 4 ties in his coaching career with the Ottawa Rough Riders and Chicago Bruisers. He began coaching during the 1974 season and last coached during the 1989 campaign.

Coaching Record:

1974CFLOttawa Rough Riders16790.438211
1975CFLOttawa Rough Riders161051.656101
1976CFLOttawa Rough Riders16961.594120Won Grey Cup
1977CFLOttawa Rough Riders16880.500211
1978CFLOttawa Rough Riders161150.688101
1979CFLOttawa Rough Riders16862.563211
1980CFLOttawa Rough Riders16790.438301
1981CFLOttawa Rough Riders165110.313221
1982CFLOttawa Rough Riders165110.313311
1983CFLOttawa Rough Riders16880.500201
1984CFLOttawa Rough Riders164120.2504
1989ArenaChicago Bruisers4130.250401
Totals12 seasons18083934.4722.3810


1975 - Annis Stukus Trophy (Coach of the Year)