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Toronto Maple Leafs

1949-50 Toronto Maple Leafs Statistics

National Hockey League (NHL)
Team Record: 31-27-12 - 74 points
Finished 3rd in the NHL

Postseason: 3-4
Lost NHL semi-finals

Semi-Finals - Lost to Detroit Red Wings 4-3

Coach: Hap Day (31-27-12)

1949-50 Toronto Maple Leafs Roster
1949-50 Toronto Maple Leafs Game-by-Game Results

The Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League ended the 1949-50 season with a record of 31 wins, 27 losses and 12 ties for 74 points, finishing third in the NHL, and compiled a postseason mark of 3-4. Hap Day coached the team. The 1949-50 Toronto Maple Leafs lost in the NHL semi-finals.


Sid SmithLW68222345600000000
Ted KennedyC532024443400000000
Max BentleyC692318411400000000
Howie MeekerRW701822403500000000
Harry WatsonLW601916351100000000
Joe KlukayLW701516311900000000
Cal GardnerC31719261200000000
Ray TimgrenLW68718252200000000
Bill EzinickiRW6710122214400000000
Vic LynnLW70713203900000000
Fleming MacKellC36713202400000000
Gus MortsonD683141712500000000
Bill BarilkoD59710178500000000
Bill JuzdaD62114156800000000
Jimmy ThomsonD70013137600000000
John McCormackC346511000000000
Garth BoeschD582686300000000
Rudy MigayC18156800000000
Bob DawesD11123200000000
Frank MathersD6011200000000
John ArundelD3000900000000
Frank SullivanD1000000000000
Al BuchananLW1000000000000
Phil SamisD2000000000000
Tim HortonD1000200000000
Bill JohansenC1000000000000
Bob HassardC1000000000000
Gilles MayerG1000000000000
Hugh BoltonD2000200000000
George ArmstrongRW2000000000000
Turk BrodaG68000200000000
Al RollinsG2000000000000


Turk Broda6840403025120916702.48
Al Rollins210011001402.40
Gilles Mayer16001000202.00

Postseason - Scoring:

Max BentleyC733600000000
Ray TimgrenLW604420000000
Sid SmithLW703320000000
Joe KlukayLW730340000000
Ted KennedyC712380000000
Vic LynnLW702220000000
Jimmy ThomsonD702270000000
Bill BarilkoD7112180000000
Fleming MacKellC7112110000000
Cal GardnerC710140000000
John McCormackC610100000000
Howie MeekerRW701140000000
Les CostelloLW100000000000
Garth BoeschD600040000000
Harry WatsonLW700020000000
Turk BrodaG700000000000
Gus MortsonD7000180000000
Tim HortonD100020000000
Bill JuzdaD7000160000000
Bill EzinickiRW5000130000000

Postseason - Goaltenders:

Turk Broda7450340031001.33